Are YOU ready to be in the best emotional, mental and physical shape of your life?


Are you ready to achieve the life you desire?

Are you ready to take action to get there?



Have you been suffering from:


*Unexplainable Pain

*Excessive Weight Gain


*Acid Reflux

*Digestive Disorders


*Mood Swings


So you feel 



*out of balance


If  you answered YES and you've decided you're ready to make changes in your life, 


                                  You are in the right place!



As a Holistic health coach I look at how all areas of your life are connected, and how each area impacts your well-being.


Achieving good health in the body mind and spirit is all about understanding how the body works: what powerful effects food, drinks, environment and negative thinking have.

I'm Here To Simplify Your Life


I will create a customized plan that will suit your goals and also your lifestyle.

You will learn how to:


*be prepared for whatever shows up

*feel in control of your eating and your emotions 

*stay centered, focused and productive

 *make better use of your time

 *create a momentum that will produce faster results



The NEXT step is to email me or call my office, 212 753 9590 to schedule a complimentry introduction to my work.  From there, you will absolutely know if we are a match. "Getting Centered " will put your life back into balance, and on the road to your success!





When you are as fortunate to cross paths with Hara Taicher as I have been,  you will see some moving and shaking in your life.  Her coaching skills are finely tuned and she has the soulful wisdom and instincts to move you directly and gently towards your highest aspirations.. Her “ no-nonsense“ style helps you see clearly the paths to follow.  She makes it a creative and fun experience to be coached as her inner beauty shines through.   She has a genuine heartfelt desire to help expand the lives of all she coaches and touches with her powerful loving spirit…

Hara is the cream of the crop in life coaches, and I highly recommend her!

- Norma Costello

Need to Feel Great Right Away  -- Call Hara     

Hara Taicher is an amazing women.
I have never felt so good after a healing ever before. This is very different than reiki,
or other healings. She spent a lot of time with me and was very warm. I bought the book The Reconnection and wanted to experience what it was. I was in for a very pleasant surprise.
Call her. She is the best ever and a nice person as well.

-Hara Taicher 
 212- 753-9590 in NYC

It was like being with Eric Pearl, (Founder of The Reconnection) right here in NYC! 

Review posted on 6/28/09

- Jane Roth
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